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Homework plays a valuable part in a pupil’s education and the time spent studying at home makes a significant contribution to the progress a pupil can make.

All pupils will be set homework where and when it complements the work they are doing in college and the study skills they need to develop. The type and length of homework set will therefore vary according to requirements.

Pupils should do their homework at home or by special arrangement, in college after 3pm. It is not feasible for pupils to complete homework at break times or on the bus.

Pupils need to address homework with a proper commitment and we ask parents to support their children and the college in seeing that homework is done well.

Homework Policy

Basic equipment list

Homework Club

A Homework Club is held every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in the Library from 3 pm – 4.30 pm. Staff are there to assist pupils; whether the pupil needs help logging on to Show My Homework, find a password, a little support or help and guidance with the work which has been set. We have computers and iPads available along with the resources of the library.

KS3 Homework Schedule

At KS3 most homework is set through homework enquires. An individual pupil will have at least two and no more than four enquires on going at any one time.

KS4 Homework

The document below is a brief summary of the homework expectation for each subject at KS4. Pupils should also record homework in their pupil planners.

KS4 Homework Parents Guide


Pupils can access the school network by using the Home2School facility http://www.swanmore-school.co.uk/pupils/home2school/

Show My Homework

Show My Homework is an online homework calendar to track and monitor homework. Staff, pupils and parents are able to view the homework by simply clicking on the Show My Homework logo below.

  • Teachers can post homework questions online
  • They can also attach worksheets, web links, and video resources
  • This makes their homework questions engaging and interactive
  • Pupils and parents can see these homework questions on the homework calendar without having to log in.

For pupils that do not have access to a computer at home they will be able to use college computers to print off the homework that has been set.

If you have any issues with Show My Homework please contact the college.



Click here to access Show My Homework

Whole School Homework Timetable

The whole school homework timetable is a guide as to when homework will be set by classroom teachers. It should be used in conjunction with or referenced to an individual students timetable to allow parents to see which day homework will be set. Please also check Show My Homework or Google Classrooms, whichever is appropriate for the subject being studied, for further information about each specific piece of work set and for the date it is due to be submitted. On occasion, due to the teaching model being used where students prior knowledge is secured before progressing, homework may be set on a day following that published to ensure all students can access the task set.

In KS3 an ongoing homework task is set for both Dance and Drama that covers a full half term. These subjects have therefore not been included in the Year 7 and 8 tables below.

  • +Year 7 Homework Setting Day

  • +Year 8 Homework Setting Day

  • +Year 9 Homework Setting Day

  • +Year 10 Homework Setting Day

  • +Year 11 Homework Setting Day

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