High School Essays On Terrorism

A terrorism essay can take one of two forms. It can explain what terrorism is and cover the idea of terror in this setting, or it can focus on the reasons someone might become a terrorist and possibly even argue against the traditional terrorism definition.

The vast majority of students will focus on expository essays, which will cover the war on terror and how to define terrorism. If you are one of the few who prefers to make this a persuasive essay, you will find plenty of sample essays to work from.

Terrorism Definition

In your terrorism essay, you’ll need to focus on how we define terrorism before you can properly discuss it. According to the dictionary, terrorism is “the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.” While this may be technically correct, there are many other definitions that are just as useful. In fact, no one definition of terrorism has ever been accepted.

Depending on your individual take on the war on terror, you may want to express your own thoughts on the definition, or simply look at what others consider it. From domestic terrorism to international, there are many different types to explore, as well.

The War on Terror

When you think of terrorism, what comes to mind? For many, ISIS or Islamic terrorism is one of the first things that springs into the forefront when looking at the definition of terrorism. However, there are many types, including the very dangerous counter terrorist. The war on terror is real, but not necessarily what people believe it is. If you can expose the facts and show people exactly what is going on in the world, you'll have a great essay.

Throughout your essay, you’ll want to come up with real life examples to prove what you are saying the France terror attacks, London attacks and others are fresh in people’s minds and will give you the examples you need.


Start your essay off with a paragraph that explains exactly what the reader should expect. This first section will only be a few sentences long, but one of those should be your thesis statement. You may also want to define just what is terrorism.

Write the Body

With the main thought for the essay complete, you now need to build up your proof. This is best done by providing information on terrorism, as well as explaining the terror in words that will allow people to imagine it happening to them. The definition of terrorist is someone who terrorizes other people, so make sure your reader fully understands this concept.

You may choose to cover different events throughout your essay, or you can explore the various types of terrorism. Eco terrorism is one area that is usually underexplored, for example, while religious terrorism is what most people are aware of. There are a number of different events and terrorism types that can be analyzed and examined here.

Throughout the body of your essay, you will want to include quotes from experts, statistics from reputable sources and other information to back up your writing. This will give you more credence when your essay is being read and graded.

Finishing Up

Once you’ve made your point and covered all your bases, you can wind up the essay with another reiteration of the thesis statement. Recap the information you’ve just explained in the terrorism essay, as well. A strong finish will help people view your report more favorably and you’ll get a higher grade for it.

The 10 Hottest Essay Writing Topics Related To Terrorism

When a person is deciding what to write an essay about, the most difficult but most important thing he has to do is choose his topic. One of the factors involved in choosing a topic is how much emotion will be felt by the reader upon reading the thesis. Another factor the writer must address is how much information will there be on his topic and will he have difficulty finding what he needs to complete his article. If a person decides to choose anything related to extremism as his topic, half of the battle is completed because the internet is flooded with violence articles and research and just seeing the word emits strong emotions from the reader and the writer.


Just seeing that word makes people stop and take notice. We are so petrified of radicalism and all of our lives were changed forever after 9/11. There are so many different angles and topics on this intimidation. I am only going to list 10 topics that I have found to be very interesting. I have included topics with different angles hoping that we can do some exploring without feeling the intimidation that usually arises when we speak of terror campaigns like the Twin Towers.

  1. Terrorism and its effects on children- Traumatic events such as the occurrences from 9/11 effect children as well as adults. Children obviously don’t yet have the same tools as adults do to handle extremely stressful events such as the violence of that day so how did they cope?
  2. The Dangers of Cyber-Sabotage- There is a lot of research on the invisible sabotage this is a type of intimidation that we don’t think about every day.
  3. Terrorism and Patriotism- What happens to us when we are united against one common enemy?
  4. How is Drug Trafficking related to Terrorism- These acts of extremism are financed by the sale of drugs?
  5. Immigration changes as a result of terror campaigns.
  6. Homegrown Extremism- how this differs on so many levels from foreign radicalism.
  7. Bio-Terrorism- Instead of the dangers of bombings, we also have to shore up or at least address and have a plan of action to fight the extremism.
  8. Religion and Radicalism- Numerous ideologies result in confusion and little ability to really get a pulse on possible cells
  9. Organized crime and intimidation- Is this another revenue stream for the terror campaigns
  10. Do the media encourage violence?

The topics outlined above were chosen because of their variety. I hoped that these terrible acts would be researched from different angles. Emotions will always run high when someone is endangering anyone or anything that is close to our hearts.


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