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7 Sources To Check When Looking For A Sample Of A Dissertation Cover Page

When you are writing your dissertation, it is important to make sure you have formatted everything correctly. At this high academic level, your committee will not accept sloppy mistakes in formatting. One of the best ways to check that you have “dotted every I and crossed every T” is to check sources for comparisons. Here are seven of the best sources to check when you are in the final stages of writing your dissertation and the cover page:

  1. Online College Writing Labs: These thorough websites usually include samples of nearly every type of paper and their components. You can do a side-by-side check of a sample cover page with your own to be sure you are including all of the necessary pieces.
  2. Formatting Handbooks: Your dissertation committee will most likely use a formatting handbook from MLA, APA, or whatever style you are assigned to use. It is in your best interest to invest in your own copy, too.
  3. Online Handbooks: Most of the formatting governing boards have their own websites that include the style guides that your committee will be using. You should be able to find an electronic sample to compare with your cover page.
  4. College Dissertation Database: Every paper that was submitted at your university will be included in the database, so you should be able to find one that has a perfectly written cover page. You should be able to print a copy or at least save one to look at on your computer screen. If you print one out, you can align yours over it so be sure everything lines up properly.
  5. Online Writing Sites: Instead of buying a paper to turn in, you should be able to find a dissertation to use as a sample. Many of the top sites will have free samples that students can dig through to see if the site creates well-written papers for the prices they charge.
  6. Colleagues and Fellow Students: If you only need to see a cover page, you should be able to ask your fellow students and colleagues about their own papers. Many are happy to show a sample to help out a friend.
  7. Dissertation Blogs and Websites: In the virtual world, there are plenty of sites available with information about writing and formatting cover pages. You should be able to find a sample somewhere, but be sure it is formatted correctly before you use to format your own paper.

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This exercise will take you step-by-step through the mechanices of formatting your manuscript so that it conforms to the APA 6th edition and also the NNU Guidelines required for submitting a dissertation or master's thesis for publication to your program and to the NNU Library for publication. 

1. Download the Dummy doc and open in Word.

2. Open up the APA Formatting exercise in another window and/or watch the video tutorials.  Follow these instructions carefully and apply each step to the "Dummy Doc" that you have opened in Word.  Each heading in the exercise is also a link to the animated tutorial demonstrating exactly how to do each step.  Follow these instructions in the order given and you will be on your way! 

All of these video tutorials are based on Microsoft Office Word 2010 for PC

Modifying the document layout (changing margins, font, alignment of title page)

Inserting manual page breaks and section breaks (title,abstract, table of contents, and body)

Inserting page numbers in the footer (switching from Roman to Arabic, or no page numbers)

Creating reusable styles to conform to APA Heading types

Formatting entire document for APA style

Inserting citations and creating reference /bibliography page 

Creating table of contents (so that page numbers align)

Saving as a template for future use


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