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I learned that with our skills and knowledge, we can develop our country and help improve the situation. We, as a team of members from different parts of Iraq with different ethnicity and beliefs, can work together to help rebuild our country.

2014 IYLEP participant

IYLEP Alumni Projects

Basra Is Your Home – Alumni in Basra created a network of volunteers to help refugees and internally displaced persons in Basra. Volunteers have collected and donated money, clothes, food, and medicine to over 300 families. The group has a large social media presence with over 4,000 Facebook followers to raise awareness about their mission.

Youth Passion – Alumni based in Dhi Qar and Baghdad are using social media to inform fellow Iraqis about the most pressing issues their country faces and to facilitate conversations about possible solutions to these challenges. Topics include bullying, the environment, health, and politics.

Iraqi Clothes Bank – Alumni in Sulaymaniah have organized a clothing drive in order to donate clothing to IDPs and people in need in their community. The long term goal of this project is to have a branch in each province of Iraq. Through the IYLEP network, the project has already spread to Baghdad. 

Program Links

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Applications Open for U.S. High School Students until March 15th, 2017

A Four-Week Program in the U.S. During Summer 2017

The Iraqi Young Leaders Exchange Program for Iraqi and U.S. high school students, Iraqi undergraduate students, and Iraqi adult mentors is pleased to extend this fully-funded scholarship opportunity to talented and dedicated young leaders and adult educators from Iraq and the United States to apply for a summer leadership program in the United States.

Please read more about each program and its eligibility, overview, and selection criteria at the pages on the left.

Application Instructions

For all Iraqi high school students, Iraqi undergraduate students, Iraqi adult mentors, and US high school students, please begin your application by clicking the link below: Apply now!

You will be directed to create login information, and once logged in, the list of applications are on the right side. Please select and complete the correct application.

Reminder: You can only submit one application. You can save your work and continue at another time. If you have any questions, please email IYLEP@worldlearning.org

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