Love Is Fallacy Essay

Max Shulman’s “Love Is A Fallacy”



Kate Miller

Ms. Soy

ENGL 1302: Composition II

17 November 2013

Journal Three: Max Shulman's "Love is a Fallacy"

"Love is a Fallacy" is a fun short story where the author teaches basic principles of fallacies in an entertaining way. There are three main characters, the narrator, Petey Burch and Polly Espy. The three main characters study in the same university, also the narrator and Petey Burch are roommates and Petey and Polly share the love relationship. The narrator is a self-called cool, logic, keen, calculating, perspicacious, acute and astute student, while Petey tends to be much more interested in craze, especially in the clothing. One day, Petey Burch resigned to exchange the narrator's raccoon coat with his girlfriend Polly. Satisfying the needs of both of them, the deal had been made. For a few days, and by some small tests, the narrator found that Polly was really an unintelligent girl. To make her logic and intelligent according to his standards, the narrator began to teach her logic. When the narrator realized that Polly has really become logical, the narrator decided to propose to her. Unexpectedly, Polly used all the logic fallacies that he taught her to refute his offer. When it comes to the reason why she refused him, she said with a logical reason, "Petey has got a raccoon coat" (Shulman 391). In this story, the narrator seems to be the final winner while he is just the victim. The interesting ending tells us some information, that love is not just a fallacy.

The narrator of this story classifies himself as better than the others. At the beginning of the story, he describes himself, "Cool am I and logical. Keen, calculating, perspicacious, acute and astute - I was all of these. My brain was as powerful as dynamo, as precise as a chemist's scale, as penetrating as a scalpel. And -think of it! -I was only eighteen" (Shulman 383). He uses many commentary words to praise himself as an intelligent and smart person. However, the images of the other two characters are described in a totally different direction. He describes Petey Burch as a "faddist and nothing upstairs/same age, same background, but dumb as an ox" (Shulman 383). He also describes the character Polly as quite unintelligent girl. Therefore, the narrator seems to...

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...WRITTEN REPORT FOR "LOVE IS A FALLACY" BY MAX SHULMAN ENGLISH - III St. Jerome Group 5 Gabrielle Rara Rona Sahonlay Daniela Tan Kent Sobiono Mae Tio Alhirt Bahala Jett Gumaling Mr. Jesus Allaga Montajes ENGLISH - III Adviser LOVE IS A FALLACY Max Shulman Summary This short story is about two roommates, who need each other. One favors materialistic objects, and wishes he had a raccoon coat, and the other favors looks, and beauty, and wishes he had a certain girl to go steady with. The main character studying at a law school, cant help but think about who his wife will be one day, hoping it will be Polly Espy. Polly Espy is well known by his roommate, and after bribing him with the raccoon coat he asked to take Polly on a date. Polly doesn’t have that much intelligence so he makes it his mission to teach her a few lessons. After going on five dates, and asking her to go steady with him, Polly denies him by using all the knowledge he had taught her. At first he laughed at it, until she mentioned that the reason why they couldn’t go steady was, because she promised his roommate Petey, she would with him. The story ends by him asking Polly to explain why she should go steady with Petey, and her reply was, “He’s got a raccoon coat.” Since the story did ended on this note. We can’t help but to make our own conclusion. I believe after this, he was feeling hurt, and betrayed by his roommate. He had made Petey a...


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