Amitai Etzioni The New Community Essay For College

...MODERN ORGANISATIONS by AMITAIETZIONI Book Review - Bhushan Indravadan Jangla © All Rights Reserved ORGANISATIONS DEFINED Organizations are social units deliberately constructed and reconstructed to seek specific goals. Corporations, armies, schools, hospitals, churches, and prisons are included; tribes, classes, ethnic groups, friendship groups and families are excluded. Organizations are characterized by: 1) Divisions of labor, power, and communication responsibilities, divisions, which are not random or traditionally patterned, but deliberately planned to enhance the realization of specific goals. 2) The presence of one or more power centers which control the concerted efforts of the organization and direct them toward its goals; these power centers also must review continuously the organization’s performance and re – pattern its structure, where necessary, to increase it efficiency. 3) Substitution of personnel i.e., unsatisfactory persons can be removed and others assigned their tasks. The organization can also recombine its personnel through transfer and promotion There are many synonyms for the term, organization. like bureaucracy, but it has two disadvantages. First, bureaucracy often carries a negative connotation for the layman. Second, bureaucracy implies that the unit is organized according to the principles specified by Weber, which is not the case with many organizations. The book follows the definition...

WORKING AT MCDONALD’S SUMMARY AND CRITICAL RESPONSE 3 In the first instance, Etzioni’s article is quite a developed comprehensive analysis of the issues that school going children face if they decide to work part-time jobs while they study. He makes a comprehensive highlight of the main negative issues attached to school going children going to work while studying. Etzioni in his essay does a good job showing how most of the students do not benefit from part time jobs. Most of these jobs that students indulge themselves into do not provide the necessary knowledge and skills required based on their education. They do not teach job skills required for advancement and very little and meaningful interactions by adult supervisors are provided (Holloway, 2001). Etzioni further reveals how students waste most of their time working part time instead of studying. Students put more time into doing part time jobs leading to limited and little time to study. Etzioni says that some students work for more than thirty hours a week. The more number of hours these students put into work means an enhanced number of absence in academic institutions (Holloway, 2001). One of the detrimental effects of this is the poor grades that these


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