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I am applying to the Art Institute in Seattle. I have always dreamed of pursuing my passion for fashion. I have made it through the interview and now I am onto the application process. The application requires an essay minimum of 150 words and they told me students usually range between 250-300 words. I was hoping that I would be able to get some help editing this as well some ideas. The questions that they are are..

What are your career goals and how do you expect your education at the Art Institute of Seattle to help you attain them? In what ways will you participate and commit to your education in order to be successful?

Here is my essay!..

Fashion is unique. It shows who you are. It's walking art. Fashion has sparked my passion and forged my future. My goal is to live my life through my imagination, through creativity. Imagination and creativity are two of the most beautiful things in this world. Without them, we wouldn't have The Space Needle, Starry Night, more functional pieces like computers, or even my once bland lunch box that I embellished with fabric and ribbon. Working with a company that not only supports their employee's imagination and creativity, but also embraces it, is where my goal is leading me.

I have researched many art schools and talked with representatives, but nothing has struck my heart quite like the Art Institute of Seattle. I believe that the Art Institute will not only embrace the creativity that I already have, but challenge me to look deeper inside of me, bringing out the strongest creativity that I have. The curriculum that is designed for the Fashion Design program will challenge me with projects and homework while still keeping me motivated towards my goal. I believe that the Art Institute of Seattle will supply me with real life experience that will aide me greatly once I graduate. With that experience, I will be able to go out into the Fashion industry with confidence.

I believe that the Art Institute of Seattle will be able to bring out the best in me and I am willing to do anything I can to help that happen. I am fully prepared to spend ample time on projects as well as general education. My goal is the most important thing to me and I understand that I will have to make sacrifices to attain it. Sacrifices such as not going out with friends, having summer vacation, and even just general down time. However, it won't be hard to make these sacrifices, knowing that I am working with all my passion towards my dream in fashion. I also am aware that it will be important for me to surround myself in activities that do encourage my passion such as attending Seattle Fashion Week as well as other fashion oriented activities and surrounding myself in a healthy environment that will inspire me. I have been looking for a place to challenge me and surround me with people and places that will inspire me and bring out the best in me. believe that the Art Institute of Seattle is that place.

Here is a sample essay: below this sample essay   are some words I put   together from what I heard during our meeting together today. Just open your won Word Document of the computer and type and essay, or you can type the essay in the body of the email back to me.
The Art Institutes Associate of Science Degree is the program I have chosen.
Since I was seven years old I have had my career path planned to someday be an Executive Chef and own my own restaurant.   Obtaining an AS degree in Culinary Arts is the second phase of my plan.   The first phase was to take four years of home economics at the high school level.   I achieved that phase and even expanded it by becoming a Teaching Assistant in my senior year.   Along the way I have been able to do extra projects that will enhance my plan. These include catering events for family and friends, and most recently entering items in the California State Fair - Where I won a first prize for my cheese cake and am waiting for the results for the cookies I submitted.

I realized that I am younger than the median age at AI, and feel that it is a benefit rather than a hindrance because I can bring my enthusiasm for the kitchen to my fellow students and in exchange they can share their life experiences with me.

Everything in the AS degree curriculum will benefit me as I worked toward my ultimate goal.   Even the math requirement, which I am not excited about, will in the long be a benefit.   I look forward to the skills of my instructors being passed on to me through my hard and I will use the career staff to help me gain practical experience that I know is required before reaching my ultimate goal of opening my own restaurant.

What I heard from our meeting today:
I have chosen ________________ Program to enroll in at Art Institute of Sacramento, California. It has been my dream since ____________to own my own business one day. I have always enjoyed cooking since I can remember, and I love to cook for...

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