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Past student quotes:


“What I learned that I’m taking home with me is that the natural world has a beauty that cannot be put into words. It’s been a phenomenal educational experience.”

“Seeing a whole new world and some of the most beautiful scenic views I will ever see is what I will remember. The four days on Lady Elliot Island and seeing the rock art, star gazing in Carnarvon were all my greatest experiences, along with skydiving in Queenstown. There are too many experiences to label one as the greatest.”

“Amazing experience, 100% awesome!”

“Great fun, I would do it again in a heartbeat! Thanks.”

“I am taking away different views and perspectives of two totally different cultures.”

“This is primarily an educational experience but at the same time it’s by far an amazing and once in a lifetime opportunity. Thanks for everything!”

New Zealand

“Going on this trip was one of the best choices I made in college.”

“It was a wonderful trip, it wasn’t always easy but I learned so much.”

“My greatest moment on the trip is getting to swim with the dolphins. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I won’t forget. To actually swim with WILD dolphins was such an incredible rush.”

“Dolphin swim, kayaking, glacier hike, mountain hikes, all outdoor activities. I loved it all.”

“This course kicked… I would do it again a thousand times. Everyone should study in New Zealand!”

“This trip has forced me to break down who I am and my beliefs which has allowed me to understand my prejudices and see the world from a new perspective with a new understanding of what is culture and what is important in the scheme of things. I can honestly say that environmental issues are now more apparent to me and my own habits need improvement so that I can better understand and work with nature and resources rather than change it.”

“Be prepared for an intense educational experience. The rewards for the work come more quickly than you can imagine. When you get on the bus and start traveling a beautiful experience is waiting for you: swirling night skies, rock islands in the middle of the sea, and blue glaciers illuminated by orange sunsets.”

“I wanted to let you know what a great time I had in New Zealand. I thought you did a great job with everything and I thoroughly enjoyed being part of such a great program.”


“I loved every second of the material taught on this trip and the activities we participated in.”

“Join! It is a once in a life time experience that will definitely open up your eyes to a whole new way of life.”

“This trip has been absolutely incredible and we have you to thank for that. It must be difficult to find the perfect balance between work and play but I think you did a great job!”

“It was the most amazing week of my life! I have never learned so much in a week because I gained experiences that can’t be found in textbooks.”

“Do it! It will change the way you view just about everything (in a good way) and will you gain some great friendships along the way.”

“Take a leap of faith and come to Fiji; you will not regret it.”

“Be prepared to embrace Fijian culture and meet the nicest, most welcoming people. You will form a bond in just a few hours.”

“Do not worry about the homestay. I was really nervous then it was one of my favorite parts of the trip. Everyone is extremely friendly and genuinely lovely.”

England and Scotland

“An experience like none other, filled with traveling, sight-seeing, and memorable moments.”

“The sights… they are breath taking.”

“I feel like I have gained a great perspective of the world. It is difficult to communicate all that I will take home because I think it has changed me in some ways.”

“The experience of being in a culture with different customs, very rich history, with new people… the experience will stay with me forever.”

“Traveling and experiencing culture will [now] become a new part of my life.”

“I have gained lots of independence and friends that I will never forget.”

“Coming to a foreign country not knowing anyone was a little nerve-wracking but in the end it was well worth it.”

“It was an incredible, irreplaceable experience.”

“Definitely go. “Once-in-a-lifetime is cliché, but true.”


“This class changed my life permanently.”

“Wonderful trip!… The experience was highly enlightening and I have already shared with family and friends all the knowledge and values I’ve acquired.”

“The class was amazing. Very eye-opening and informative.”

“This was an outstanding opportunity. I learned a lot in this class.”

“This class was one of the best weeks of my life”


“It is a wonderful experience. I have been on five previous study abroad programs. This is the best!”

“It wasn’t what I expected at all. I loved it!”

“I’ve got memories to take with me, but I also learned about what qualities I admire in people. I loved seeing everyone, especially myself, open up as they learned. The coursework, the atmosphere and living situation, everything educated us about culture and people in general.”

“Concern for student learning in every way.”

“The quality of this course to me was extremely high. I enjoyed it thoroughly and feel that I learned more than any other class I have taken in college.”

Australia, Fiji, Hawai’i, and New Zealand

“I will never forget this opportunity. The chance to explore amazing countries and cultures as well as create lifetime ties to such a diverse group of students was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

“I can’t specify one great moment. There were hundreds. I loved stepping off the bus to see the next place we’d explore. I loved learning something surprising about individuals on the trip. Overall my best memories are about the friends I have made. I love that our group is made up of a variety of people. It made our trip well-rounded with more intellectual insights.”

“The greatest moment on the program was swimming with the sea turtles in Australia and standing on a glacier during a thunderstorm in NZ.”

“What I’ve learned that I’m taking home with me is a new respect for other’s cultures and a new acceptance for other’s beliefs and opinions. This is my first time ever out of the country, or even out of the Southeast U.S., and it has been a comfortable and more than pleasurable experience.”

“I don’t know if I could pick one great experience because overall, there have been so many- I have come away with a new sense of independence, growing as a person as to wanting to set my sights on a bigger picture, to go home and hopefully expand the minds of my peers as to what can be a learning environment.”

“My greatest experience or moment here on this program was overall being able to travel around NZ and OZ. But more specifically, having the time to reflect on all I’ve learned. I can’t give this program enough credit for all that I’ll go back with. A really significant moment for me was the star gazing because it was a nice way to put everything into perspective at the end of the trip.”

“The thing I will take back from this trip the most is a better understanding and appreciation of the environment around me and the global community to which I belong. These are life skills that I will hopefully not forget.”

“You will be constantly doing something: lectures but also amazing hiking, snorkelling, dolphin swimming, kayaking.”

“Professional in every detail.”

“I really enjoyed this class and learned a lot.”

“Amazing experience, 100% awesome!”

“I learned more in this experience than any other.”

“Provided a good mix of activity and study.”

“The quality of this course to me was extremely high. I enjoyed it thoroughly and feel that I learned more than any other class I have taken in college.”

“This was my first UGA study abroad program and because it was such a success I know I will be looking into many more.”

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